Medical Center - Facilities

Talwar Medical Centre offer to its patients complete services under one roof. We have got rooms, well ventilated , tastefully done,fully air-conditioned and all rooms with attached bathrooms. Our inhouse catering services , gives nutritious food as prescribed by doctors to each patient.The dietician ensures the fully balanced diet. We have inhouse Pharmacy, stocking a wide range of medicines & including life saving drugs,to cater to needs of each patient.This is a major support to them & the attending family members .

We have special Health check up plans for Executives , Proffesionals , and advise them of the care they should take for maintaining a good & healthy life.
All accommodation in the medical centre is air-conditioned during season .It includes food charges but excludes doctor’s fees

Suit Room No.301 Rs 4500/- per day
Single Room no.302 & 202(Super Delux) Rs. 3900/- per day
Single Room no.105 Rs. 2700/- per day
Single Room no.104 (Delux) Rs. 3500/- per day
Single Room no.106(Economy)Ditached Rs. 1800/- per day Bathroom

Two Bedded Room No.200-201 Rs. 1500/-per day
Two Bedded Room No.304 – 305 Rs. 1300/-per day
CCU 306 – 307 Rs. 1500/-per day
HDU single room 303 Rs. 1500/-per day
G.W. 107-108 Rs. 1000/- per day
Recovery Room No.203 Rs. 1700/-per day
Patients staying overnight in Recovery Room will be charged Single Room Rates ofResident Medical Care & Nursing Care Rs 500/- per day
Cardiac Monitirin Rs. 800/- per day
Oxygen Therap Rs. 60/- per hour
Ventilator/ BI-PAP per-day/or part of Rs. 1000/- per day
Portable X-ray Rs. 600/- per day
Holter Monitoring(24 hours) Rs. 1100/- per day
Temperary Pacing Rs. 2500/- per day
Phototherapy Rs. 200/- per day
Incubator Rs. 200/- per day
New Born Care(Either with Mother or in the Nursery)This includes Nursing Care,Milk and Clothing for the Baby.Baby Cloth in G.W.will not be provided. Rs. 400/- per day
Streptokinase Therapy Service Change without Medicines Rs. 2500/-
Special services ( does not include O.T charges)
Lumbar Puncture Rs. 1500/- per day
Paracentesis ( Chest / Abdomen ) Rs. 1500/- per day
Liver Biopsy Rs. 2500/- per day
Upper G.I. Endoscopy Rs. 3000/- per day Rs. 2000/- per day Rs. 800/- per day
Colonoscopy Rs. 4500/- per day
Laboratory Rates are avilables at Reception

Operation Theatre Fully equipped large O.T .
1. Pulse oxymeter Large boyles apparatus
2. Respirator
2. Monitoring equipment
4. Separate and for exclusive use of O.T. defibrillator Ent microscope
5. Eye microscope and state of the art eye equipment for modern eye surgery C-ARM

Major case : G.A. (INR 3500) for 1st half hour Rs.2000/- extra for every hour or part thereof.

L.A. as above
Minor case : G.A
(INR 2000) for 1st half hour Rs.800/- extra for every hour or part thereof.

L.A. as above
Labour Room Charges : (INR 2500) (semi paid), (INR 3500) (single room)
Endoscopy Procedure (INR 1000) to (INR 1200)


An Eye Surgery under G.A. will be considered a major case. I.O.L is $ 42.50 (INR 1700)
Consultant Specialist and Anaesthetist fee is not included in the O.T charges and the bill is to be settled with the specialist concerned.
Charges for disposables , gases, medicines are extra .

(Lithotripsy) facilities available
Other services are prostate surgery by laser
Labour room & Nursery Room , X-RAY and SONOGRAPHY