Dr. S.K. Talwar

MRCP University of Glasgow FRCP
Mrs. Helen Talwar

Co - Director TMC
Professionally trained nurse Qualified in Scotland
Mrs. Helen Talwar

Co- Director at Talwar Medical Centre

Mrs. Helen talwar

Mrs. Helen Talwar

Professionally trained nurse with over 20 years of experience. Qualified in Scotland and worked in Scotland and then in India.

Has oversight for all administrative functions at Talwar Nursing home.

Professional training enables her to ensure that the nursing staff is continually up to date in the latest medical techniques. Staff is therefore trained to provide care, which is both technically proficient and emotionally supportive.

She has responsibility also for managing the budgets and expenses of the Nursing home, ensuring that the facility is adequately stocked and staffed at all times.

Pays personal attention to the needs of patients, from visiting regularly with patients to providing meals that are hygienic and consistent with the doctors' orders yet pleasing to the culinary senses.





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